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KNPB_Sorong:Hundreds of Papuans in Sorong Supports KTTI By ILWP in London, UK.

Associated with ILWP summit in the United Kingdom on Date 2 Agstustus 2011, hundreds of West Papuans in Sorong held a political pulpit. Action is mediated by the political platform of the National Mediation Committee of the people of West Papua West Papua Nsional (KNPB). All the components or elements in the region struggle berkeudukan Sorong also take portions of the pulpit, because according to Sekjend KNPB Sorong region (Jack Badii), this action is a nationwide collective action. All the components in question include DAP, WPNA, TPN – OPM, TAPOL – prisoners, SPP, FNMPP, GARDA-P, SONAMAPA, West Papua Voice Society, church leaders, community and sympathizers Shop our full support for all of Summit International by ILWP in London, UK.
Pulpit Politics begins promptly at 10:00 to finish at 1:00 pm Initially, all components of the people of Papua to sign as a form of support from the open field in front of the Church of SPG 2 GKI Marantha, JL. F. Kalasua City Sorong. Although After the gathering, Field Coordinator (Koorlap) directs the Erry Loho to sit simultaneously on the soccer field.
The orators were alternately delivered political speeches or statements. In principle speeches – speeches that have been declared, it supports all the process or effort that is driven by the International Parlementariant for West Papua (IPWP) and the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP). Because of the orators terebut have a fundamental conviction that resolving the issue of West Papua through international law, there must be a solution for the nation of Papua to determine nasip itself through international mechanisms, namely: REFERENDUM.
The statement was read by the political attitudes Yohame Martin, Chairman of China Region KNPB as the party responsible for the activities. After reading the statement, followed by the signing of representatives of all components of the nation of Papua. Activities ended promptly at 2:00 all the people had been returned safely, leave the field SPG.

By KNPB Sorong

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